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    CCIE #41954 Matt Lick ( R&S )
    CCIE #41770 Nicholas Carrieri ( Sec )
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  • CCIE #41750 Dan Gericke ( Sec )
    CCIE #41663 Mike McPhee ( R&S )
    CCIE #41633 Zaid Ahmed ( Voice )
    CCIE #41628 Shannon Cranko ( Wireless )
    CCIE #41560 Ted Fynn ( Voice )
    CCIE #41436 Jody Lemoine ( R&S )
    CCIE #41372 Saleh Hassan Batouq ( R&S )
    CCIE #41349 Kevin Sheahan ( Sec )
    CCIE #41347 Yli Schwartzman ( Voice )
    CCIE #41330 Marvin Rambhadjan ( R&S )
    CCIE #41316 Sandeep Ramakrishnan ( Sec )
    CCIE #41315 Matt Breneisen ( R&S )
    CCIE #41314 Erick Sanchez ( R&S )
    CCIE #41160 Stephen Guilfoil ( Voice )
    CCIE #41124 Prasanna Yabaluri ( Wireless )
    CCIE #41076 Martin Sloan ( Voice )
    CCIE #41022 Aman Kapuria ( Voice )
    CCIE #40970 Nguyen Vong ( Voice )
    CCIE #40965 Antonio Emanuel Damasceno ( Voice )
    CCIE #40890 Nicholas Biller ( R&S )
    CCIE #40870 Mike Mahoney ( R&S )
    CCIE #40837 Sanjeev Mahor ( R&S )
    CCIE #40790 Hesham Abdelkereem ( Voice )
    CCIE #40780 Jonathan D. Hall ( R&S )
    CCIE #40772 Thiago Eugenio Hübes ( R&S )
    CCIE #40688 Jeen Chew ( Wireless )
    CCIE #40660 José Carlos Nomberto ( R&S )
    CCIE #40627 Brad McAllister ( Voice )
    CCIE #40625 Dmitry Chestnov ( Data Center )
    CCIE #40613 Nathan Fryer ( Voice )
    CCIE #40600 Fernando Ferraioli ( Voice )
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    CCIE #40532 Mohamed Rabea Hassan ( Voice )
    CCIE #40447 Naima Sulaiman ( Voice )
    CCIE #40428 Sukhjit Hayre ( R&S )
    CCIE #40125 Bartosz Wojtecki ( R&S )
    CCIE #40112 Claudio Elorza ( Sec )
    CCIE #39980 Josh Suhr ( Wireless )
    CCIE #39934 Jason Stepp ( Voice )
    CCIE #39931 Yuriy Sokhan ( Sec )
    CCIE #39930 Philip Priest ( R&S )
    CCIE #39929 Mitul Patel ( R&S )
    CCIE #39701 Chris Jolliffe ( Wireless )
    CCIE #39680 Evandro Nunes ( Voice )
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